About Us

When I began grooming 10 years ago, I met one of my all time favorite standard poodles named Gigi. I had the honor of grooming her as a puppy through adulthood.

Her family would share pictures and stories of all their fun adventures. She was gorgeous, intelligent, wonderful to groom and always up for anything. Plus she loved seeing me, so how could I not fall in love with her?

We now have 3 standards, and they complete our family in so many ways. They have helped our family through the toughness of 2020, and we’ve had a wonderful time showing and doing events with them.

We like to wait until our Poodles are 2 years old and pass their health testing before breeding.

Health testing we complete:
*Genetic Panel
*Yearly eye exam
*Diversity testing through UCDavis
-We may have additional things listed on OFA, or to view on our website, but these are the basic things we test all our Poodles for.

Puppies will be raised in our home and we will be using mats designed by the Institute of Canine Biology for the first 3 to 4 weeks of their life. Puppies will be handled and loved daily using Puppy Culture, Early Neurological Stimulation, and Early Scent Introduction.

We temperament testing puppies at 7 weeks, and have structural evaluations between 8 to 9 weeks by an outside party. Because we plan to keep a puppy to show and do events with, puppies will be matched with their homes after 9 weeks of age, once we have chosen our keeper puppy and these evaluations are completed.

All puppies are seen by our vet and given age appropriate vaccines before going to their new homes. They receive an offer from Trupanion pet insurance to try for 30 days, signed contract, AKC papers, Microchip, current food to help transition to their new food, a blanket that smells like their mom and a few other goodies to help them settle in their new home

We would love to stay in contact with our puppy families, encourage you and your puppy, and congratulate you on your successes. We will be available to help with resources and finding events all throughout their life. We look forward to having you follow us and join our future puppy family!

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