“Rivia” Crystal Creeks Kindle Fire with Snow at Kvali TKI UPAT TPAT UWP Co-owned with Crystal Creek Standard Poodles

Rivia is bred by and co-owned with our friend’s at Crystal Creek Standard Poodles, and we absolutely love her!

So far Rivia is enjoying Barnhunt practice, loves swimming, and spending time with our family.

Pending health testing and titling, we have exciting plans for her in our program. Right now we’re just focusing on having a great time with her and showing her in 2023

*AKC Trick Dog Novice May 2022

*NASDA Urban Locating Puppy Aptitude Testing (UPAT)

*NASDA Trail and Locating Puppy Aptitude Testing (TPAT)

*AKC Trick Intermediate (TKI)

*United Weight Puller (UWP) March 2023


Genetic panel Embark results.

PRARCD4 carrier

*AKC Trick Dog Novice May 2022


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