“Phoenix” Int’l Nat’l CH UGRCH RACEA Kvali’s Spanish Phoenix CGCU CGCA TKN VHMA SPOT RATI RATS UL-1 TL-1 CZ8B

Phoenix is our black and tan phantom standard poodle. She loves Barn Hunt, NASDA, lure coursing, and exploring the woods.

She’s our poodle with the most prey drive and energy, which makes it fun to do Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing with. One of the funny things Phoenix does is smile!

Phoenix has earned her:
*UKC Championship (UGRCH)
*IABCA International and National Championship (IntCH NatCH)
*AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
*AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA)
*AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU)
*AKC Trick Dog Novice (TKN)
*AKC Virtual Home Manners Title (VHMA)
*UKC Spot
*Rat Instinct through Barn Hunt (RATI)
*Rat Senior through Barn Hunt (RATS)

* Crazy 8s Bronze through Barn Hunt (CZ8B) *NASDA Urban Locating Level 1 (UL-1) *NASDA Trailing And Locating level 1 (TL-1)  *UKC Precision Lure Coursing Advanced (RACEA)

OFA Health Testing



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