Guardian Home Opportunity

What is a guardian home? 

A guardian home is where one of our pick puppies or young adults we are looking to continue our program with, are placed with a permanent guardian home at little to no cost. The guardian home is usually within 5 hours or less from where Kvali resides and are committed to caring for the puppy/dog all throughout their life.

Depending on the age of the puppy or adult dog, Kvali may need to take them to occasional classes, shows, health testing, and pending titling and health testing, they would leave your home for a short time for breeding. If the guardian home was interested in performance or conformation, and gained titles themselves, Kvali would reimburse for certain titles and help where needed. Communication and flexibility are very important for all parties.

Depending on goals/health/ if the breeding takes, once the female has had 1-3 litters, they would be spayed and the guardian would be given full ownership. They would come to Kvali's home for breeding and whelping until puppies were weaned. Their family is always welcome to come visit at any time during their stay. Males may stay intact longer and would only stay at Kvali's residence for 3-5 days for breeding.
If it is decided by Kvali that the puppy/dog not be used in their program, ownership would then be turned over sooner to the Guardian once the dog was spayed/neutered.

The guardian home would be responsible for normal pet costs and responsibilities, such as vaccinations, food approved by the breeder, training, grooming, and spay/neuter when the time comes. The breeder would be responsible for any costs associated with breeding, any additional training needed, showing, health testing, and puppy costs.

In addition, Kvali offers their guardian homes free boarding and grooming if they are available.

If this is something that you feel is the right fit for you, please submit an application or call us at 435-890-7522.

*During the duration of our contract, any breeding’s, breeding rights, or breeding related expenses will be the responsibility of the breeder. The Guardian home does not own any breeding rights, or make breeding decisions. *
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