Guardian Home Opportunity

At this time, we are considering a permanent Guardian home for our boy Buck. If you feel that you meet the requirements, would be ok with the conditions of the agreement, and have spoken to your partner beforehand, we would be happy to speak with you. We are in no hurry to place him in a Guardian home, and are happy to wait for the right fit.

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A guardian home is when we place one of our loved poodles in a home, where they will eventually retire and become a permanent member of your family.

*During the duration of our agreement, any breedings, breeding rights, or breeding related expenses will be the responsibility of the breeder. The Guardian home does not own any breeding rights, or make breeding decisions.*


*Live within 3 hours of Burns Oregon.

*Give regular updates and maintain good communication with the Breeder.

*Not required but would be a great opportunity: Become a therapy team through Alliance of Therapy dogs once 6 months has passed, and perform therapy visits in your community. He absolutely loves this!

*Have great references.

*A fully fenced yard where there is no possibility of him getting out.

*Buck is to live inside the home with his family. This means he cannot live in an outdoor building, kennel run, etc.

*Reend attending dog classes to help you bond and establish rules and understanding.

*Provide regular Veterinary care, vaccines, flea and tick treatment, yearly check ups, etc.

*Carry pet insurance in the event of an emergency during the duration of our contract.

*Provide exercise and keep him in good bodily condition.

*Groom him every 4-6 weeks (free if he comes to me for grooming)

*Willing to work with Breeder for breedings that are planned. Being flexible is key. Breeder would oversee and take care of any breeding that takes place.

*Be willing to allow Buck to come to stay at Breeders home for up to a week when needed for breeding.

*If for any reason the Guardian home can no longer care for him, he is to be returned to the Breeder. He cannot be surrendered to a shelter, sold, given away, etc.

*Signed contract

Breeders responsibility:

*Breeder would pay for all breeding related expenses and testing.

*Breeder is the only party that can make breeding decisions regarding Buck and has all breeding rights.

*If the Guardian brings Buck to the breeder for grooming, Breeder offers to groom Buck for free. Any grooming that’s done by a different groomer, will be at the expense of the guardian home.

*Breeder will offer free boarding for Buck at breeders residence if Breeder is home during the time the Guardian is needing.

*Breeder will notify Guardian home of any breedings that are upcoming as soon as they find out.

*Breeder will take Buck back anytime during his lifetime for whatever reason.

If this is something that you feel is the right fit for you, feel free to reach us at 435-890-7522.

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